Build a successful blog the right way with Blogging 101

The perfect beginners blogging course where you'll learn to build and grow an income producing blog with proven strategies for success.

Stop wasting time trying to guess what works. We’ll give you a simple, step-by-step plan to build a blog - and change your life.

What if you could build the life YOU want? (Hint: You can!)

What if you could:

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we know why most bloggers fail

We have a unique perspective on blogging. We run blogs ourselves, but we've also spent the past decade teaching thousands of people how to make money with their own blogs.

We're both passionate about helping people achieve the success they want. It's an awesome feeling to know you've really made a difference in someone's lives. 

It's also helped us understand why most bloggers fail. We know what mistakes people make, but most importantly we know what and how to teach students to give them the best chance for success. 

Another thing – We don't just make money teaching people how to make money. We run our own successful blogs in a variety of niches. 

We run blogs on everything from TV and travel to more general interest – and we’re not afraid to share details here on Blog Empire Builder.

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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when we started out...

Hi – We're David and Stefanie!

Like a lot of people, we went to college and straight into day jobs. They weren’t bad jobs, really – but they were jobs. They meant trading away the best hours of the best years of our lives…to make somebody else wealthy.

What really wore on us is how unhappy and unfulfilled we were. I (David) was doing computer support, and Stefanie was the marketing director at an e-commerce company. Although we didn't know each other at the time, we were both trying to figure out how to make a living online. 

Between work, errands, chores, neither of us had much free time. What little we had was spent trying to get caught up on sleep, or just have a peaceful minute to ourselves. 

That’s not how either of us wanted to live.  We were tired of working FOR someone else. Tired of making the same amount of money even if we put in more effort. Tired of making our bosses and our companies rich, only to be told our raises were capped by company guidelines.

Most of all, though, we were tired of not having the freedom we both wanted

We imagined a life where the alarm didn't jolt us out of bed at 5 or 6 am to spend two hours of every business day in traffic. A life where we could travel without asking for permission first. 

Through a lot of trial and error, we stumbled into making money online and eventually left our jobs behind. Not long after that, we met, built our blogging empire, and got engaged (yay!). 

Now we set our own hours, take vacations when we want, devote time to our hobbies and interests, spend time with family and friends, and generally enjoy life.

We can work from anywhere in the world with our laptops and a decent wifi connection. We’ve worked from Scottish castles, first-class train trips through France, San Diego Comic Con, and even a circus camp in the Dominican Republic (okay, that one was just Stefanie).

After being self-employed for many years, we became interested in teaching others. It turns out we were good at it, and had a great time doing it! We've done talks at industry events, organized meetups, and taught thousands of students online and in person.

Our newest course is designed to give you the fastest, most through system to make money from blogging. Read on and see what we have to offer…

Does This Sound Familiar?

1. You're not sure how to start or what to do next

You're overwhelmed. There's no shortage of information on blogging out there. That doesn't really help though. If anything, it's harder to get started because there's just too much information out there to make sense of it all. Is one method right or wrong? What if I make a mistake?

You want it to work. You may even NEED it to work.

You've probably read guides, or gone through courses that only talk in broad terms like – ‘follow your passion‘, ‘connect with your audience‘, ‘provide value‘. That sure sounds great but what does it mean? 

You don't learn how to build your blog and make money with broad concepts. You need a step-by-step action plan, to know what to do and why. This is the optimal way of learning. Master the fundamentals, and the other things will gradually fall into place.

2. You jump around

You might start off with one strategy, but soon another strategy catches your eye that looks even better. How do you know the ‘right' one to follow? How do you know when you've tested something enough to see if it's going to work?

3. You feel like everyone BUT you is having success

You've probably read some blog income reports, and seen the screenshots of bloggers making 5 or even 6 figures per month. Maybe you're in some Facebook groups where people post success stories, and you wonder what they're doing that you aren't. It's frustrating and we've all been there.

4. You feel like you’ll never be one of those successful bloggers

Trust us when we say ANYONE can be a successful blogger. How do we know? Because we've seen people from all of backgrounds, all walks of life, teenager through senior citizen, build successful blogs. Blogging isn't hard if you have a good plan to follow. What determines your success is following a solid plan, and being consistent with your effort. 

5. You don't think you have time for blogging

We get it, trust us. You're stressed out, overworked, sleep deprived. Your partner, your kids, your friends, your family – they all make demands on your time. You might have a partner, kids, or family all needing your attention. 

So many people never give blogging a try because they think it's a major time commitment. That's really a shame, because you can build your blog on your own schedule, however limited your time might be.

One of our blogs had entire months without posts. At the time I’m writing this, it’s a little over three years old, has just 218 posts (roughly one post every 5 days), and earns between $5000-10,000/month.

We won’t lie. More time makes it easier – but less time doesn’t make it impossible.

This is The Reality...

Achieving your goal of being a successful blogger is closer than you think. 

It doesn't matter if you already have a blog, or are just starting you learn to lay the foundation for success. You CAN build the life you want. It's up to YOU and only YOU. 

You can be free – free from a day job, and free to earn as much money as you’re willing to work for.

You can have the time to spend with family and friends, travel the world, pursue your hobbies, or learn new things.

It doesn’t have to mean the “luxury vagabond” lifestyle we see so often on social media. For you, it might be about having time to teach your kid to read before he starts school, or having the time to help a sick relative.

When you’re earning enough money and you’re no longer tied to the schedule some company wants you to keep, a lot of wonderful things become possible. All you need is a computer and reasonably reliable internet connection

This isn't some fantasy that only a select few achieve. It will require dedication on your part, but if you can stick to the plan, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Just one of the blogs we launched this year...

And just one of our income streams from that blog. 

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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Blog Empire Builder's Blogging 101 Course

This is a course for beginning bloggers that teaches you step-by-step how to build and grow your blog quickly and efficiently. 

Our course is ideal for anyone who wants to make money from their blog. Whether you want a $1000/month side hustle or a full-time career to support your entire family, we’ve got you covered.

We might be biased of course, but here's why we think our course is awesome:

We teach the details so many courses are lacking. You won't just learn how to ‘find your passion‘, you'll learn step-by-step how to apply that as in ‘ok show me where to click‘. You won't be wondering what you should be doing – you'll know exactly what to do and why you're doing it. 

What's Inside the Course?

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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Easy Blog Setup

Learn the ins and outs of setting up your blog. No technical jargon or hard-to-understand directions, just a step-by-step tutorial that gets you going quickly. You'll have a complete roadmap showing how to get your domain and host setup, work with WordPress, make a great looking site with free themes, and install plugins to make your life easier (and don’t worry if what we just said doesn’t make sense yet). 

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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Choosing the Right Topic

What will you blog about? You'll learn how to choose an idea and how to research its potential. It seems like a lot of courses teach you how to build a blog and make money teaching other people how to blog and make money. Although that can be profitable, there are SO many lucrative topics to blog about with way less competition. You'll learn how to find them. 

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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The Simple & Effective Way to Write Content

Writing content for your blog might sound intimidating. Fortunately, you don't have to be a great writer or a technical genius to create blog content people love. In fact, simpler is often better. Find out why experts recommend writing content at a junior high level. This section will take the intimidation factor out of writing (and figuring out what to write), and teach you specifically what to do. 

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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Generating Income From Your Blog

You can build the best blog in the world, but you won't make money if nobody reads it. You'll learn our most effective strategies to get traffic – aka visitors – to your blog.  We’ll teach you the essentials of SEO, email marketing, guest posting, social media, and more.

Blog Empire Builder - Blogging 101 Course
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How to Attract Tons of Visitors to Your Blog

You can build the best blog in the world, but you won't make money if nobody reads it. You'll learn our most effective strategies to get traffic – aka visitors – to your blog.  We’ll teach you the essentials of SEO, email marketing, guest posting, social media, and more.

Questions & Answers

I HAVE no experience. Can i still do this?

Absolutely! This course was built specifically for beginners. You don't need any prior experience, qualifications, or special skills.

Is Blogging an actual business?

Yes! Blogging isn't just something a select few make a living from. We know people who blog part time to make extra money, and people who make more than most jobs could ever pay. If you treat blogging like a business (yes. we teach that), you can take it as far as you want.  

will i need to buy anything else?

The course is a 1-time fee – no recurring charges. 
You'll need a domain – roughly $10/year, and blog hosting which costs less than $5/month. Nothing else is needed to get started!

why is your blog course different?

1. We do this stuff all day long – and we don’t just blog about making money.

Between the two of us and our combined 25+ years of self-employment and blogging, we’ve built, owned, profited from, and/or sold more than 100 blogs in all sorts of niches – everything from companion parrots to British television to anime to dinnerware to books and beyond.

We continue to run a number of successful blogs, and we launch new ones on a regular basis. We’ve failed, we’ve succeeded, and we’ve learned a TON about how to pick our projects carefully and improve their chances of success.

2. We’ve been teaching people about online marketing and building online businesses for more than a decade. Each.

We’ve taught thousands of students and worked with hundreds of companies, helping people figure out ways to build, market, and grow businesses online.

We’ve seen enough successes and failures to know why people struggle to make money, what holds them back, and how we can help them (or you!) to modify habits and approaches to get the best results.

Is the course kept up to date?

Definitely. We're always learning and we invest a lot of time in keeping up with the latest trends, tactics, and rules – not just for our own blogs, but for the success of our students, too.

How is the course delivered? Do i get lifetime access?

The course is mostly text-based, with some video. While video is great for many things (especially step-by-step demos) we understand that when you’re getting started, you may need to refer back to the lessons frequently. That’s NOT easy if you have to skip around through a video trying to figure out where we talked about something you can’t quite remember.

You absolutely have lifetime access to the course. You can log in as many times as you want, and view the course as many times as you want. Plus, you'll have access to any and all updates or additions to this course – no extra charges.   

You'll get access to the entire course instantly after signing up. 

how soon will i make money?

That's the million-dollar question, right? While it can vary, we generally see two types of students take our courses. 

The first type goes through some or all of the course and tries a few things here and there. They might do some work for a few days, then they get lazy (or busy) for a few weeks before getting back to it. It might seem obvious, but these students usually don't see a lot of success until they get serious. 

The second type goes through the course, and follows our step-by-step plan. They keep working at a consistent pace, even if it's really slow. They treat blogging like a real business, and they trust in the process. 

The second group is almost always successful, but the exact timeline depends on a variety of factors like how consistent you are, the niche you’ve chosen, and trends. You can choose your outcome, but you can’t always pick exactly when it will happen. 

Blogging isn't a get rich quick scheme. You're not going to blog for a week and retire. It also isn't something you have to slave away at for years to earn anything. Realistically, you can start earning in your first month. Although it will be small at first, your income can quickly multiply if you work at it. 

Nobody can promise you anything when it comes to making money online (if they do, run away fast!). However, we're confident if you put our training into practice and keep at it you WILL be successful

We can say this without any doubt because we've seen it over and over again with our students. 

do you offer any kind of refund or guarantee?

If you go through the course, put our strategies to use, and don't see any results, you can request a full refund. We devote countless hours to the course and our students, so it's not fair to anybody if someone just skims the course and asks for a refund. The reason we ask to see that you've implemented our strategies on your blog is because we know they work, and if you follow our course, we're confident you'll find success. If you want to know more, please read our full refund policy

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