Course Refund Policy

Blog Empire Builder Course Refund Policy

We'll happily refund the cost of the course if you're not happy with it, provided you complete the requirements of the course.

The requirements to be eligible for a refund include – 1) Going through all the material 2) Showing that you made an effort to apply enough of the material. This would include showing everything you worked on from the class. A refund request that doesn't show what strategies from the course you've tried (through links, videos, screenshots, stats, etc.) is not valid. Showing little to no effort, or not showing you implemented most of the course material, does not qualify for a refund.

Additional reasons that aren't a valid claim for a refund would include – you didn't have time to go through the course, changed your mind, you need the money for something else, etc.

We put a lot of time and effort into the courses, and supporting students. If you take the course and don't really try, it's not only unfair to us but but your fellow students.

We offer refunds this way for a simple reason: We're confident the methods we teach work, but you have to give them a fair chance. We've taught enough students and seen countless success stories with the methods we teach.

We've taught thousands of students, and we're confident you can make money with the methods we teach if you just give them a chance to work.