Pinterest Templates for Canva

Sick of spending time creating pins that don't produce the results you want?

Get Instant Access to 58 High-Performing Pinterest Templates

Pinterest is a great source of traffic. The problem is, you need a lot of original pins.
2020 algorithm changes have made that more important than ever.

Work Smarter not harder

Take a look at any successful blogger and you'll see someone who understands how to maximize their time. 

We all have the same number of hours in the day, yet some people get so much more done. How??

It's not a secret – In order to grow, you must focus on the best use of your time. 

Using our Pinterest templates, you can drastically cut the time it takes to create pins. 

Pinterest Templates for Canva
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The Fastest & Easiest Way to Create Pinterest Pins For Your Business

  • 58 Pinterest templates for Canva (1000px x 1500px)
  • Easy to Edit - Create Unlimited Unique Pins
  • Instructions Included Showing Step-by-Step How to Edit and Use the Pins
  • Fully Customizeable to fit any Brand or Topic
  • Use the Included Images or Your Own
  • 33 Text-Focused Pin Templates (with warm and cool variations for all 33) + 25 Image-Focused Pin Templates
Pinterest Templates for Canva
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Pinterest Templates for Canva
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Save time & money

Pinterest favors fresh new pins in their algorithm. These templates allow you to create as many fresh variations as you want. 

Grow your Pinterest traffic fast – starting today!

Purchase now and get instant access to the templates. 

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