71 Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers
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71 Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers

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Everybody who knows anything about Pinterest marketing knows that joining group boards can be a powerful part of building up your Pinterest presence. After all, when's the last time you saw an account with any serious reach that didn't belong to some high-quality group boards?

The trouble with group boards is that they can be a pain in the butt. Finding relevant boards takes time, and once you do find some, it seems like half of them are no longer accepting new members. When you look at top Pinterest accounts and realize that all the busy boards they're on are closed to new members, it can feel like you arrived too late at the party. It's frustrating.

To make the process a little less awful, I've gathered up a list of group boards specifically for travel bloggers, and I took out all the ones that were closed to new contributors (at the time the list was created in autumn 2018 – no promises that they won't close in the future). I compiled the list while doing research for my British travel blog, and I figured I ought to share the fruits of that hard work.

This list won't help you with the fact that a lot of group boards ignore or take forever to handle requests, but at least you don't have to hunt them down. If you're interested in getting my full spreadsheet of 887 open Pinterest group boards by category, look for details at the bottom of this post. It's 100% free to download.

If you're not sure how to join Pinterest group boards that don't include instructions in the description, check out my post on exactly that: How to Join Pinterest Group Boards.

71 Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers

Whether you're a dedicated travel blogger or just someone who occasionally posts on the topic, you'll find these Pinterest group boards useful.

Travel Dream It Live it
Travel, Cruises, & Vacations
AGAHP Group Blogging Board
Beautiful Places (Sun, Sky, Sea & Sand)
Travel Bloggers Group Board
Best Travel Guides & Advice
Budget Travel Tips 
Round the World Places
Travel Tips from Travel Bloggers 
See the World Travel Map
Beautiful Places & Travel Plan 
Travel Pins from All Corners of the World 
Beautiful, Exotic Places
Beautiful Places to Visit 
Incredible World
Amazing Travel Blogs 
Top Travel Tips 
Female Travel Bloggers
FTB Travel Accommodations
FTB Asia Travel Tips 
FTB Blogging Tips 
FTB Budget Travel 
FTB Europe Travel Tips 
FTB Food Around the World 
FTB North American Travel Tips 
FTB Packing Tips 
FTB Road Trip Tips 
FTB Travel Itineraries 
FTB USA Travel Tips 
Food Worth Traveling For 
Dream Locations 
Travel Destinations 
Girls Gone Global 
Travel Girls Love 
Iceland Travel Tips 
Freaking Awesome Travel Destinations 
Great Travel Blogs 
European Travels 
Food & Travel Bloggers Group 
We Travel We Blog 
Bucket List Places 
The Best Travel Tips 
Travel Craze 
Adventure Travel Tips 
World of Wanderlust 
Travel Bloggers' Posts 
A Traveller's Guide to Globetrotting 
Around the Globe Travel 
A Travel Group Board 
Travel Inspiration 
Pinworthy Travel 
All Things Travel 
I Love Travel Blogging 
The Bucket List 
Wandering Group Blog Board 
My All-Time Favorite Travel Pictures 
Travel & Lifestyle 
Our Amazing World 
Best Travel Destinations 
Caribbean Travel Collection 
Travel & Eat 
Travel Pics 
Travel Inspiration & Insider Travel Tips 
Top Travel Pins 
Travel Inspiration Shared Board 
Travel Around the World
Around the World 
Family Vacation Destinations 
Top Hiking & Trekking Trails 

Of course, you may blog about more than just travel. If you're interested in getting our complete list of 887 Pinterest group boards in 12 categories, just click the image below. It's set up as a spreadsheet with separate tabs for each category, plus columns for tracking when you requested to join each board and whether they accepted you or not (so you can keep track of when you need to follow up or try again in the future).

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There's no charge – the list is completely free . Categories included in the group board list are:

  • General Blogging
  • Travel
  • Women Only
  • Personal Finance
  • Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Business
  • Self Improvement
  • Education
  • Millennial
  • Food
  • Health & Fitness
  • Family

Enjoy, and happy pinning!


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71 Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers
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Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers
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